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5 Things to Look for When Renting a Compact Excavator

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Renting construction equipment for your earth-moving projects is a cost-effective way to get started. While renting a compact excavator is a good idea, you’ll want to make sure that you are getting both quality and value for the rental price. Before you rent your next compact excavator, consider these five things.

1. What Specifications Must It Have to Fit Your Job?

Depending on the type of construction project, you’ll need to know what specs will fit your needs. Your construction equipment rental company should have a variety of compact excavators to choose from. A rental equipment associate can help you determine what type of machine you need. Knowing the dig depth, capacity, and kind of construction work you will be performing will help your associate make the right recommendation.

2. Does it Have the Lift Capacity You Need?

When choosing the right compact excavator for your construction project, you’ll need to know the types of materials that it will be lifting. It’s also essential to have an excavator that can easily lift, move, and transport the elements that it will be handling.

3. What is the Dump Height?

If you are dumping or loading materials onto a dump truck, you’ll need to know the height requirements for proper dumping. Falling short of the dump height could cause an issue and put a damper on your construction project.

4. What Attachments Will You Need?

Compact excavators have a variety of buckets and other attachments that could be used to suit your needs. Will you need multiple attachments for different types of construction work onsite? Your rental equipment associate can guide you in the right direction to help you choose the proper attachment.

5. Does the Rental Company Offer On-Site Delivery?

Having a rental company that can deliver and pick up your construction equipment onsite can be a great convenience. Ask your construction equipment rental company about their delivery policies so you can decide if you prefer pick-up over delivery.

Contact a Construction Equipment Rental Company Today

Renting construction equipment can be a money-saving alternative to owning a fleet. If your business has a variety of projects with different equipment requirements, Calgrove Equipment Rentals can help. From compact excavators to forklifts, contact us today at (818) 805-1617 for all your construction equipment needs.

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