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    "These guys are very customer service oriented and are now my go to rental yard!"

    David and Max are very knowledgeable and offer excellent suggestions on getting the job done. This is a small yard, but they have another one in San Fernando where they pull equipment from.

    Mark D.
    "Would highly recommend for rentals!"

    Great rental place. I needed a dump trailer I could pull behind my F150 for a day. These guys had it in stock, reasonably priced and had me hooked up and out pretty quick. All the guys I dealt with were great.

    James C.
    "This place is awesome from so many aspects."

    Selection: They have TONS of tools. From small to large, odds are, they have it. Price: Their prices are very reasonable. Service: The employees here are all very nice, extremely helpful, and very knowledgeable. These guys GET IT.

    Biff B.
    "They go above and beyond with me!"

    I've been using this company for my home needs, and festival needs! We are very happy with them! I highly recommend this company.

    Edward C.
    "This company plays no games when it comes to rentals!"

    They were able to deliver the same day which was awesome! Machine worked great and they picked up equipment the following about service! This place has tons of different equipment and service was great definitely glad we found it! Will go again.

    Jessica C.
    "Staff was helpful and professional."

    Happy to have rented my bobcat here. Will use them in my future for all my tool renal needs.

    Augie A.
    "The guys there put a premium on customer service."

    I have had only good experiences with Calgrove. Their prices are fair and they have always had in stock the tools that I need for a weekend job.

    Kelly D.
    "You get the TLC at Calgrove that you will never get from the big box retailers."

    Equipment is clean and in great working conditions and I can reserve and pay for rentals at Very convenient. Great job guys. Highly recommend Calgrove Rentals.

    Elias C.
    "They delivered on time and picked up on time."

    This company is professional, friendly and offers the most competitive prices.

    Sheerin O.