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Top Commercial Construction Equipment in Los Angeles

High-Quality Excavator Rentals for Los Angeles Projects

The excavator is one of the most versatile types of heavy construction equipment. For digging and trenching purposes, excavators can be used in a wide variety of small and large-scale projects, including mining, demolition, construction, plumbing, and more.

If you are looking for a trusted excavator rental in the Greater Los Angeles area, including Ventura County, turn to Calgrove Equipment Rentals. We offer a fleet of quality excavators from industry-leading manufacturers, including John Deere and JCB. Our family-owned and operated company also offers delivery and pickup of excavators at a competitive rate. Whether you are looking to rent for a day, a week, or a whole month, our team ensures personalized service from start to finish.

Contact the professionals at Calgrove Equipment Rentals at (818) 805-1617 today to learn more about our excavator rentals in Los Angeles.

Cost-Effective Excavator Rentals for Smaller Projects

At Calgrove Equipment Rentals, we understand that not all construction projects require large-scale excavators. That's why we offer affordable excavator rentals for small-scale projects in the San Fernando area. Whether you're working on a residential landscaping project or a small construction job, our reliable equipment rentals can help you get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of renting our excavators for small-scale projects include:

  • Cost-effective solution for short-term projects
  • Access to high-quality and well-maintained equipment
  • Expert advice and support from our knowledgeable team
  • Flexible rental terms to suit your project's timeline
  • Peace of mind knowing that our equipment is built to last

Contact Calgrove Equipment Rentals today at (818) 805-1617 to learn more about our affordable excavator rentals in the San Fernando area. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect equipment for your specific project needs.

Compact John Deere 17G Excavator Specs

  • Brand: John Deere
  • Model: 17G
  • Net Power: 14.5 HP
  • Operating Weight: 1720 kg ( 3,790lb )
  • Max Digging Depth: 2.19 m ( 7ft. 2in. )
  • Max Digging Reach: 3.81m ( 12ft. 6in)
John Deere 17G Excavator

John Deere 26G Excavator Features

  • Model: 26G
  • Net Power: 14.5 HP
  • Operating Weight: 2770 kg ( 6,110lb )
  • Max Digging Depth: 2.59 m ( 8ft. 6in. )
  • Max Digging Reach: 4.63m ( 15ft. 2in)
John Deere 26G Excavator

John Deere 35G Excavator Specifications

  • Brand: John Deere
  • Model: 35G
  • Net Power: 23.3 HP
  • Operating Weight: 3520 kg (7,760lb)
  • Max Digging Depth: 3.06 m (10ft. 0in.)
  • Max Digging Reach: 5.21m (17ft. 1in)
John Deere 35G Excavator

Detailed John Deere 50G Excavator Overview

  • Brand: John Deere
  • Model: 50G
  • Net Power: 35.9 HP
  • Operating Weight: 4790 kg (10,560lb)
  • Max Digging Depth: 3.53 m (11ft. 7in.)
  • Max Digging Reach: 5.96m (19ft. 7in)
John Deere 50G Excavator

John Deere 60G Excavator Capabilities

  • Brand: John Deere
  • Model: 60G
  • Net Power: 53 HP
  • Operating Weight: 6145 kg (13,547lb)
  • Max Digging Depth: 3.77 m (12ft. 4in.)
  • Max Digging Reach: 6.23m (20ft. 5in)
John Deere 60G Excavator

Explore the J.C.B. 85Z-1 Excavator Specs

  • Brand: J.C.B.
  • Model: 85Z-1
  • Net Power: 60.8 HP
  • Operating Weight: 18,298 lbs
  • Max Digging Depth: 12 ft 2 in
  • Max Digging Reach: 22 ft 6 in
J.C.B. 85Z-1 Excavator

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Contact Calgrove Equipment Rentals today at (818) 805-1617 to learn more about our excavator rentals in Los Angeles!

Supporting Los Angeles Construction with Local Resources

At Calgrove Equipment Rentals, we understand the unique challenges faced by construction projects in Los Angeles. From navigating the busy streets of Downtown LA to adhering to the stringent regulations set by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, our team is well-versed in the local landscape. We know that timely access to reliable equipment is crucial for meeting project deadlines and staying within budget.

Los Angeles is a bustling metropolis with diverse construction needs, ranging from high-rise buildings in the Financial District to residential developments in neighborhoods like Silver Lake and Echo Park. Our excavator rentals are designed to meet these varied demands, ensuring that you have the right tools to tackle any job, big or small.

We also recognize the importance of sustainability in construction. With initiatives from the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation promoting eco-friendly practices, our fleet includes fuel-efficient excavators that help reduce your project's carbon footprint. Whether you're working on a green building project or a traditional construction site, our equipment supports your environmental goals.

Local construction professionals often face the challenge of limited space and tight schedules. Our compact excavators are perfect for maneuvering in confined areas, such as the narrow streets of West Hollywood or the crowded lots of Koreatown. Plus, our flexible rental terms and prompt delivery services ensure that you can keep your project on track without unnecessary delays.

For those working on public infrastructure projects, understanding the requirements of the Los Angeles County Public Works is essential. Our team is here to provide the support and equipment you need to comply with local regulations and complete your project efficiently.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Types of Projects Can Benefit from Renting an Excavator in Los Angeles?

Renting an excavator in Los Angeles is ideal for a wide range of projects, including construction, demolition, mining, and plumbing. Whether you are working on a large-scale commercial project or a smaller residential job, an excavator can help you efficiently dig, trench, and move materials. Calgrove Equipment Rentals offers a variety of excavators to suit different project needs, ensuring you have the right equipment for the job.

Why Should I Choose Calgrove Equipment Rentals for Excavator Rentals in Los Angeles?

We are a trusted provider of high-quality excavator rentals in Los Angeles. We offer a fleet of well-maintained excavators from industry-leading manufacturers like John Deere and JCB. Our family-owned and operated company provides personalized service, competitive rates, and flexible rental terms. Additionally, we offer delivery and pickup services to make your rental experience as convenient as possible.

Our Customers Trust Us

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  • "This company plays no games when it comes to rentals!"

    They were able to deliver the same day which was awesome! Machine worked great and they picked up equipment the following about service! This place has tons of different equipment and service was great definitely glad we found it! Will go again.

    - Jessica C.
  • "This place is awesome from so many aspects."

    Selection: They have TONS of tools. From small to large, odds are, they have it. Price: Their prices are very reasonable. Service: The employees here are all very nice, extremely helpful, and very knowledgeable. These guys GET IT.

    - Biff B.
  • "These guys are very customer service oriented and are now my go to rental yard!"

    David and Max are very knowledgeable and offer excellent suggestions on getting the job done. This is a small yard, but they have another one in San Fernando where they pull equipment from.

    - Mark D.
  • "Would highly recommend for rentals!"

    Great rental place. I needed a dump trailer I could pull behind my F150 for a day. These guys had it in stock, reasonably priced and had me hooked up and out pretty quick. All the guys I dealt with were great.

    - James C.

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