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How To Achieve Better Grass Drainage

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What’s the secret to keeping your yard fresh and healthy? Oxygen. Yup, just like you and me, your lawn and the soil underneath it needs to be able to breathe. So, how do you accomplish this? Aeration.

We here at Calgrove Equipment Rentals are going to dive in and reveal how to achieve successful lawn aeration. Here is your guide to a better lawn:

What Is Aeration?

Essentially, aeration is poking holes into your lawn. But what does it do? Aeration removes small cores of soil from your lawn to allow for better airflow around the roots of your plants. Just as these holes increase breathability, they also allow water and fertilizer to reach the roots of your grass and foliage more effectively, leading to a healthier lawn!

Why Aerate Your Lawn?

You want a lush, green lawn, right? Well, by removing these small cores of soil, your grassroots will be able to grow, creating a stronger and healthier plant that will be able to better tolerate the stress of the California heat. Not to mention, aeration removes thatch, allowing for water and fertilizer to penetrate your soil rather than pooling on the surface of your lawn.

When To Aerate Your Lawn?

Aerate your lawn between April and July! You want to wait until after your lawn has turned green, as aerating before your lawn flourishes can cause weeds to take hold. You will only need to aerate once a year—just make sure to mow your lawn before you begin the process!

How To Aerate Your Lawn

First, water your lawn a few days before you complete your aeration project. This will make it easier for the aerator to penetrate your lawn. However, make sure not to overwater the area you wish to aerate, as this can affect the success of your aeration.

Second, take the core aerator and, in a parallel pattern, begin the aeration process. Do not worry about the cores remaining on the surface of your lawn, they will breakdown into the soil over the course of the next week.

Lastly, fertilize your lawn to enrich your soil!

What You Need For Aeration:

Rent a core aerator for effective and efficient aeration! This machine creates hollow tines that pull the cores out more successfully than spiked shoes or handheld devices, which can actually further compact your soil.

For your aeration machine, contact Calgrove Equipment Rentals at (818) 805-1617. We are here to help you achieve your lush lawn dreams.